Order Code: TW28CLWH
The grass roots of the Evolution IV series, the TW28CLWH takes a traditional format and through a little bit of Tanglewood luthier magic and a splash colour creates an all round guitar, perfect for starting your Tanglewood journey with style!

Michael Sanden, the Scandinavian guitar guru has designed a guitar that he decided from the outset must be affordable, competent, elegant, and be equipped with a sound that would age and mature over time like a fine oak barrelled single malt.

Canadian Red Cedar has been specified for the tops of these instruments, Mahogany timber for the back and sides with North American maple forming a signature binding to all parts of the body neck and headstock giving a pleasing luxury aesthetic to the overall finish. The CLWH is finished in a luxury white high gloss finish, which gives the guitar that quality look and feel.

Strumming an open chord reveals a strident confident and precise tone and balance of string response that many professional instruments may lack, largely in part to the uniquely designed bracing pattern that Michael employed for the guitar.

The Sanden Tapered Parallel Bracing system is featured on this instrument and is a significant reason behind the “wow factor” a player feels when trying an Evolution IV model.